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In 1982, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Secondary School was established with the primary purpose of teaching and caring for blind children. The school is located on

the street

Pha Phung with 5 teachers and 20 students.

The school was established so far 2018 has been 36 years

In 1988, in response to the new situation, the school started implementing the model of integrating education of blind children with normal children. Since

then, this model has proven

demonstrate the right to create a completely inclusive and inclusive learning environment where blind children are fully qualified, given the opportunity

to study, to forge

training and development. Where the average child understands, shares and always helps people with disabilities.

The gifted classes are specially focused on the arts, crafts, pottery, ethnic music and modern.Orchestra of students visually impaired

The school has performed at many major events. Pottery is also your favorite. Vocational training, vocational guidance for visually impaired students to

integrate into the community,

continue to study higher education, vocational training appropriate to stabilize later life. In addition to culture, extracurricular activities are organized

by the school

Regularly to help students develop comprehensively, and also create more playground for visually impaired students and ordinary students to have fun,


The school has training classes:

There are 40 to 50 students in each class, of which 4 to 7 are blind students.

Visually impaired students are trained in a basic class to be familiar with Braille and then integrated into normal school children, where they are trained

as normal students. Otherwise they write and read in Braille.

Computer training classes, with computer screen reader software jaws and nvda, make them reach the computer as much as possible, whenever there is anything

to display on the screen. The software will automatically read to the children, and if the image is a bit limited software, the normal text is readable.

- music training class, children's music skills training class

- acupuncture massage, training children skills acupressure massage.

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