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Subject: I ask your feel donation me


I am writing this mail with great wife has been diagnosed with

an advanced stage sick in her right arm. Doctor have inform me that

she reguire a surgery at the earliest as she is suffering with advance


I have heart about your foundation from doctor of the cure medical

hospital I writing this in extreme need of financial help .I have

tried all possible way to arrange the money reguired for her surgery

but the amount is beyond my reach her condition is getting worse day

by day you foundation is my only ray of hope only your kind support

can save my wife.I have enclosed he he medical and hospital report and

Estimated amount 100$ to 20000 $ sum stated by the hospital with

this letter please staff it a and contact me as soon as possible.

Donation ………

Bit coin address


If you have any question regarding our centre or the auction please

feel free to contact us through the give details one of our committee

will be contacting your anyway thought in the next few week in regard

to our event.  if you are able to support us the donation. So will our


Thank your and regards

from Rohit shah


mobile.+917902011374(whatapp only

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