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Mombasa, Kenya

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.

Mwakirunge Dampsite is home to many street families who have found refuge and a livelihood out of the gabbage that comes from the city. Poverty, has caused many to find solace at thos dirty stinky place as they are not able to find for their children.

Chances of the children here accesing clean food are nil except in instances where well wishers bring them food. Children are pron to suffer from various diseases which in most cases are caused by the dirty environment they reaide in.

Joseph Mwangi is a former street child, an Alumni of Wema Center Bamburi and a person who has in his heart the desire to reach out to those who are still suffering on the strees. Joseph has worked as an Outreach officer with the same organization and still continues to volunteer whenever there is need. He also organizes many events that are aimed at reaching out to street children and street families.

The Lisha Visha event has been organized by Joseph Mwangi with the help of his friends and other Alumnis of the Wema Centre. Together they aim to reach out to Street families at Mwakirunge Dumpsite just to brighten thier day even for a few hours. The group will collect donations such as clothes, shoes, sanitary towels, books, toys, cash etc which they will distribute to the group at Mwakirunge.

The main activity will be the sharing of a meal with over 250 beneficiaries on the day of the event. Engaging in some form of entertainment and a mini medical camp.

Your contributions towards this noble cause are welcome as they will help us make this a reality. God bless you as you purpose to bless someone.

Love your neighbor as yourself

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