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Adil Shehbaz s/0 Shehbaz Masih is a 14 year old Christian boy hailing from rural Punjab area of Pakistan. His father being an employee at my house, we got introduced to his son Adil a year back when he developed unusual signs and symptoms of squint in his eyes, recurrent worsening headaches, loss of appetite, vomiting after feeding, impaired body balance and shaky limbs. I got the medical evaluation of the child done initially and the scans revealed a significant sized brain tumor that was causing the signs and symptoms. After getting multiple neurosurgery opinions we came to a conclusion that he immediately needs a lifesaving surgery to install a VP-shunt in his brain to relieve the high pressure in his head due to tumor mass which was compressing other structures of the brain. I went ahead in my personal capacity and financed his surgery for installation of a VP shunt, the entire surgery having cost around USD6000 for surgery plus equipment installed, a year ago. His symptoms improved considerably and we have been on a regular neurosurgical checkup.

The doctors advised that although his symptoms would improve, eventually the tumor mass would grow in size and that would make his condition worse in the long run by causing compression within brain that would outsize the shunt's capacity to compensate, and that's when he would need an open-brain neurosurgery for tumor resection. We kept going for more than a year as the child did fine with mild ups and downs. I was taking care of his regular followup medication though. However, for the past 1.5 months, his condition has only been deteriorating and after the last consultation, it is clear that it's about time he needs that tumor resection surgery in order to survive. The tumor mass has been progressively increasing in size and the pressure inside his brain is very high that the shunt is not even able to compensate for.

Just like I've tried taking care of the child since the start of his problem, I'd love to go out of the way helping save his life. However not everyone is blessed with all the resources for their needs. And here I'm not financially sound enough to be financing his next neurosurgery which he needs badly. We don't have good public hospitals that would cater to his needs here, and just like his last surgery, we'll have to turn to private hospitals which do provide state of the art treatment options but at a price. He needs a tumor resection surgery and then post-surgery chemotherapy/radiotherapy followup. The surgery alone is expected to cost around USD15000 along with hospital/ICU charges, while the followup medication and chemo/radiotherapy sessions are also very expensive, estimating around USD12000 for one year post-surgery. Only after the surgery can tumor mass be resected and diagnosis be established, according to which the doctors will plan his anti-cancer therapy (chemo/radio). Since I came across this resource, I felt obligated to request the people all over the world to please contribute according to your capacity so that his life saving surgery can be planned asap.

This little child is counting his days of life and your contribution could not only give him a new life, but also completely change the atmosphere of his home where his parents and young siblings are living every day of their lives in such pain and agony. I myself take the full responsibility to handle all received funds and use them in the most efficient way possible to get the right treatment for him. I'll be very happy to post updates about this case if we are able to make it. I'll be looking forward to your help and prayers.

Kind regards,


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