14yo brain tumor survivor in need of help

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This fundraiser is for a 14 year old boy from the Christian minority community in Pakistan. The child was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 years ago. He has undergone 2 surgeries, for VP Shunt placement and tumor resection respectively. These surgeries were fully sponsored by generous contributions of those fortunate enough to help.

Unfortunately, tumor recurrence has been detected as was expected and doctors have recommended radio+chemotherapy to slow down tumor progression for some years as the child can't bear the huge trauma of undergoing another open-skull surgery in such short span. The cost of these treatment sessions are amounting to US$6700 approximately for one year plan.

It's a humble request to contribute whatever you can, as we have a shortage of funds now and it's really frustrating to be feeling helpless when we came this far since day 1.All funds will be utilised for the child's treatment, and in any case any funds are left over, will be equally divided and sent back to the donor addresses.Please do your part. May you be rewarded with all the best in this world and the hereafter.

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  1. Andrea Di Stefano 
    6 months ago
  2. Saad Bin Muhammad 
    6 months ago

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